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VadaXchange VOIP PBX
The last phone system
you'll ever need
VadaXchange offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility, scalability and unified communications.
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VadaXchange - The ultimate VOIP PBX platform

VadaXchange is a full-featured VOIP PBX solution, built on top of the Asterisk VOIP platform. We've taken the power of Asterisk and engineered the software to make it easy to use, easy to administer and integrated with email, instant messaging, video and fax.

In short, VadaXchange is more than just a PBX. It's a uniquely powerful universal communications platform.


VadaXchange Buddy VOIP Unified Combinations software

User Power

Our powerful client software - VadaXchange Buddy - puts the power back in the hands of your users, freeing you from mundane administration.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface, users can manage their status, access voicemail, transfer calls, chat and much more.

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VadaXchange iPhone Mobile PBX Login

Your mobile office

Take your office with you even when you're on the road with native Buddy clients for iPhone and Android.

Reduce mobile call costs, remotely manage your callflows, status and voicemail, transfer and forward calls and even conference-call on the go. See how Buddy mobile sets you free.

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Full featured, "easy-as" administration

No longer do you have to call a telco engineer when you want to add or remove extensions, change call flows, hunt groups and call centres or add new DDIs.

All these functions and many more can be easily accomplished using VadaXchange's easy-to-use, powerful Webman administration client.

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VOIP Presence


There's nothing more annoying than playing telephone tag when you really need to speak to someone. VadaXchange's built-in presence shows at a glance the status of all your colleagues.

Use presence to manage all your communications with a single click. Integrate your Google and Microsoft Exchange calendars too.

Set your own extension status or presence to Online, Do Not Disturb, In a meeting, on holiday, business trip, unavailable etc. Your presence setting will also reconfigure the way your calls are handled for you. See other people's user presence including whether they are on or off the phone, logged in or out etc.

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Instant Messaging VOIP

Instant Messaging

VadaXchange Buddy allows you to integrate all your communications – including instant messaging.

With connections to external IM systems such as Google Talk, you can communicaate with people inside and outside your organisation.

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VOIP Voicemail


Full featured voicemail capability allows you to access your voicemail from anywhere. Voicemail to email? No problem. Access your office voicemail from your mobile. That's simple too. Never miss another message.

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VOIP PBX Call Recording

Call Recording

With full call recording, you can ensure permanent records of any important calls. Easy exporting and forwarding of recorded calls enables call quality control, archival, transcription and more.

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VOIP PBX Reporting

Call Reporting

VadaXchange's powerful reporting engine allows you to see everything that happens on the system. Call reporting lets you monitor and report on every call – by extension, date range, call-centre queue, agent and much more.

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Video Calling

Video calling is becoming an increasingly important business tool, offering the power of face-to-face communication without the time and expense of travel. VadaXchange allows you to make and receive video calls by connecting video phones (hardware or softphones) using industry standard open protocols.

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Send and receive faxes easily with VadaXchange's integrated faxing capability. Send faxes to your contacts direct from your desktop.

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