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Love your phone system

VadaXchange Buddy for iOS available on the App Store

VadaXchange iPhone OS client software makes the iPhone into an extension of your phone system.

iPhone VOIP PBX Client - Buddy Home

Your mobile office

When you are away from your desk, your smartphone becomes your extension. You can make calls via your corporate phone system and take advantage of in-office calling rates.

Reduce mobile call costs, remotely manage your callflows, status and voicemail, transfer and forward calls and even conference-call on the go. Buddy for mobile sets you free.


iPhone VOIP Presence

Mobile Presence

You can see the status of other extensions on the phone system and call them from your iPhone.

Set your own status from anywhere to change the way your calls are answered and let your peers know what you are up to.

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See Calls

You can see live calls on your extension on the phone system. You will see call even if they have not followed you to your mobile phone. In fact, this software also works on an iPod touch, which you can use as a hand-held operator console.

Hold Calls

You can put calls on hold. When the call is held, it is held on the phone system, not on the phone. On the iPhone it looks like the call was disconnected. When you retrieve a held call, you can retrieve it either on your mobile or on your desk phone - whichever is convenient.

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iPhone VOIP Call Transfer

Transfer Calls

You can transfer calls right from your iphone.

Transfer to extension, conference bridge or straight to voicemail

See the status of the other party before transferring the call

Announce the caller before the transfer, or simply transfer the call blind

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