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VadaXchange VOIP PBX Business Telephone System
The last phone system
you'll ever need
VadaXchange offers the ultimate in terms of flexibility, scalability and unified communications.   Read more »       Watch Video »
VadaXchange VOIP PBX Client - VadaXchange Buddy
Empower your team
to communicate!
Our new and revolutionary web browser (HTML 5) based user interface puts the power back in the hands of your users.  Find out more »
Mobile Power
Take your office phone
system on the road
Remote Extensions
Send your people to work from home.
Reduce office costs, reduce pollution
Increase staff productivity and job satisfaction!
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VadaXchange VOIP PBX Remote Extension
Phones &

Avoid vendor lock-in with open standards
VadaXchange supports a wide range of phones and accessories.
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VOIP Phones Polycom Grandstream
Save costs, unify your communications, improve efficiency and more. Find out how VOIP works and what it can do for you.


VadaXchange VOIP PBX
VadaXchange VOIP PBX
The last PBX solution you'll ever need to buy.
VadaXchange VOIP PBX
VadaXchange VOIP PBX iPhone and Android
Mobile Power
Take your office phone system on the road with our VadaXchange Buddy iPhone and Android clients.
Mobile Power
VadaXchange VOIP PBX in the cloud
PBX in the cloud
Take your phone system virtual with our managed VadaXchange Cloud solution.
VOIP in the cloud

Vadacom - Experts in IP Telephony & VOIP

We are a leading telecommunications software development company specialising in developing IP Telephony and Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions for business.

Our full-featured VadaXchange VOIP PBX is based on the open-source Asterisk PBX server. It provides a turnkey phone system for businesses of all sizes - from small business phone systems to large enterprise and call centre solutions with hundreds of phones. Host it yourself, or on our VadaXchange Cloud service.

VadaXchange Buddy, our easy-to-use client software, allows users to fully manage all their own phone settings - from status to accessing voicemail, answering and transferring calls and phone conferencing. With native iPhone and Android Buddy Mobile clients available free for mobile users .

Tired of your old, cumbersome inflexible PBX? Want a solution that works the way you want it to, and saves you money at the same time?

VadaXchange gives you complete freedom over your phone system.

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Moving Offices?

Upgrading to a next generation phone system can actually be cheaper than moving your old PBX system. Not to mention a whole lot less hassle.

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Need to upgrade your old PBX? Lease expired?

Don't waste money "upgrading" your old PBX - move to a next generation VOIP phone system that delivers what you want and saves you money too. Or VOIP enable your PBX with our IP Gateway.

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High phone bills bleeding you dry?

Are your phone and mobile costs too high? A modern VOIP solution can save you money on every call - on mobile phones and landlines. Find out how VadaXchange VOIP PBX can deliver more for less.

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